CONTRACT  N 2019 DATE  __________

Touroperator______________________________, hereunder referred to as the Touroperator, based  upon Statuses: in the name of Travel Agency’s director Mr………….……… in ……………………….on the one side, and SABTOUR , here under referred to as the AGENT, in the name of Mr. Refail Akbarov on the other side, - have concluded  the Contract as follows..

1.1. The subject of the present Contract is the cooperation in the International trade.           

2.1. The TOUROPERATOR and the AGENT present to one another the tour package for groups and individual tourists.

2.2. Tour programs, prices and other services’ parameters as well as payment orders, are agreed by the parties in the orders by e-mail and/or fax. All the agreement protocols are the integral part of the present Contract

2.3. The parties shall not transfer to any third party the commercial information, rights and obligations covered by the Contract, without the mutual written consent of the other party         2.4. Любые изменения и дополнения к данному Контракту совершаются Сторонами в писменной форме и требуют соглашения Сторон                    

2.4. Any amendments and additions to this Contract must be proceeded in writing and require the written consent of the other party.               

2.5. The parties consider all current applications on a mutual agreement basis     

2.6 The service applications contain:                                                                

- time limits and usage dates of reservations; / - arrival and departure order; - / - to make ready a state visa; /                          - list of    obligatory services included in the tour package.  


3.1. - Reception, accomodation and tourist services are rendered on the grounds of:

- facsimile and/or e-mail notification of tourists’ arrival;

- money transfer made by the sending party.     

3.2. In case of any above is missing, all services required are rendered to the tourists based on facsimile and/or e-mail confirmation being received from the sending party, and mutual consent of the receiving party

4.1. Tour packages’services and prices are agreed by the parties for each specific reservations by facsimile and/or e-mail notification                                                

4.2. The following additional services, for extra charge in hard currency, shall be offered by the receiving party to the tourist traveling under the present Contract: - to make a visa; - excursions (including admission fee) to the museums, gardens, land parks and other places of interest;  - theatres and concerts; - restaurants with national cuisine; sports events, exhibitions etc,

4.3. All the additional services ordered by the tourists are to be paid by them directly to the receiving party, or – if the receiving party doesn’t mind – to the actual services provider.          

4.4. The parties are not responsible for additional services ordered by the tourist himself from the third party, and for the ones that were not paid for.                                                                          

5.1. Any services’ alteration or cancellation is allowed only by written confirmation or both sides by fax and/or e-mail.     

5.2. Services ordered and confirmed but not used will not be refunded


6.1. Mutual accounts between parties are to be made in $ USA or € Euro. The invoice within the confirmation of all services actually reserved, sent by fax and/or e-mail, makes an exclusive grounds for money transaction and is considered an integral part of the present Agreement.              

6.2. The receiving party shall receive/collect payment as per the agreed request not later than before arrival date the (not including holidays). The parties will advise each other by fax and/or e-mail of the sum and date of each money remittance. The payer bears all banking and postal expenses will be shared between partners.                   

 6.3. All claims about accounts processed not later than 30 days after the day of last service.         

6.4. By written agreement the parties may choose another method of payment.                                                                


7.1. The parties will supply services based on the present Contract on condition that all the tourists are covered by obligatory medical insurance, which is sufficient for any possible risk coverage.                                                                       

8. CLAIMS           8.1.                                                                                 

8.1. Injury to the health or to the property of the tourist is liable to compensation in accordance with established legal procedure of the country which the tour is in.          

8.2. Compensation for the damage caused by a foreing tourist is to be paid by the tourist himself on the spot.      

8.3. The parties are not liable for any accidents caused by tourist miscounduct, by schedule changes, delays of transportation, loss of luggage, jewellery, money, etc. The parties, however, will take whatever action needed to eliminate any possible

 8.4. Force major circumstances (acts of God, fire, warfare, strikes, government acts etc.) release the parties from the corresponding part of liability of this Contract                                                                                 

8.5. If the tourist on tour refuses some, or all of the services, or the tour is interrupted because of the violation of local legislation or any other causes, no compensation will be due for services not rendered.                

8.6. Tourist claims for services not rendered or for unsatisfactory quality, are to be received by the paties not later than 30 days after the provision of the last service, and will be considered within 30 days. If these  claims are recognized as reasonable, the compensation is to be paid.                                                                                                                                                                                         


9.1. The parties shall resolve all disputes, arising during the execution of this Contract, by means of mutual agreement       

10. GENERAL CONDITIONS                      

10.1. The present Contract is valid for one (1) year and comes into force from the date of its signing.          

10.2. The validity of the Contract is extended automatically for an indefinite period, if the parties do not announce its cancellation.

10.3. The present Contract is drawn up in 2 copies both in Russian and in English of equal validity, however, for dispute resolution the Russian copy will prevail.                                                                                                                                               

11. THE LEGAL ADDRESSES OF THE PARTIES                                  


Adress :Barınaklar bulvarı  105/101 Kat 1 daira 4 Güzeloba/ Muratpasha 

               Antalya/ Turkey                

                Tel       :  +90 242 324 1 324                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                Fax      :  +90 242 324 1 325                                                                                                                                               

                E-mail :                                                                      E-Mail:

ACCOUNT NAME:          SABTOUR                                                                              ACCOUNT NAME: 


USD ACCOUNT     TR  04 0006 7010 0000 0045 3909 82
EURO ACCOUNT  TR 24 0006 7010 0000 0045 3910 10

 (TOUR / …………….. PARTNER)                                                                                                                                               




Mr.Refail Akbarov



………………………………..                                             Mr./Mrs………………………………………

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